Biomass pellets machine turns waste wood into cash

Biomass pellets machine

1. Wastes for biomass pellets machine

It is too wasteful to throw away wood scraps, so it can be realized by doing this.

There are many kinds of waste wood in life, such as leftovers from furniture factories, wood boards after packaging products, some branches in wood waste handicrafts, wood used in building materials, etc.

Waste wood can be seen everywhere around us. It is too wasteful to throw away, and it can be realized by processing biomass pellets.

Like wood scraps, many people choose to discard them directly, but this is not only a burden to the environment, but also a waste of resources. Don’t throw away the wood scraps, use a biomass pellets machine to process them and turn them into “money”.

We do not advocate burning coal and fire now. Therefore, we process the wood scraps around us into biomass pellet fuel, which also turns the wood scraps into treasures for reuse.

The pellet fuel processed by biomass pellets machine is mainly used in boilers, home heating and winter fireplaces, etc. to replace coal.

The biomass pellets machine can process not only wood scraps, but also sorghum stalks, corn stalks, cotton stalks, wheat or straw stalks, branches, etc., all of which are bio-energy.

Don’t throw away the wood scraps and straws. They can be processed by biomass pellets mill machines, which can be turned into pellet fuel, which can be sold or used by yourself.

2. Biomass utilization and boiler improvement

Biomass pellets machine

Under the general trend of environmental protection, the society’s environmental protection requirements for more industries are constantly increasing, and combustion heating, as an indispensable key activity in social production and life, is called an important project of environmental protection reform.

In order to meet the needs of environmentally friendly combustion and heating, biomass fuels produced by biomass pellets machines have received extensive attention and promotion.

Biomass pellets are mainly wood chips, peanut husks, rice husks, straws, cottonseed husks, etc. after being processed by the biomass pellet production line, and the uniform-shaped fuel pellet products are produced.

As a new type of energy-saving energy, it has great development prospects in boiler combustion.

Biomass energy pellets have the characteristics of large combustion capacity and extremely high calorific value after carbonization.

Compared with coal-fired materials, the purity of biomass energy pellets is better controlled, generally does not contain other impurities that do not generate heat, and does not contain impurities such as carbon gangue and stones, and has extremely high combustion efficiency.

In addition, it also has the advantages of cleanliness, safety and simple process. Compared with coal-fired, it is cleaner, and it is convenient to add materials when the boiler is burning, which can liberate manpower and improve work efficiency.

And after the biomass energy pellets are burned, the ash produced is of high quality and can be recycled as potash fertilizer. Compared with traditional fuels, it has the advantages of economy and environmental protection, and meets the concept of sustainable development.

However, it is far from enough to improve the fuel. The utilization of biomass pellets has also led to the improvement and development of biomass boilers.

Using traditional coal-fired boilers to transform biomass-fired boilers has higher energy-saving and environmental protection benefits than traditional coal-fired boilers, and meets the requirements of social development policies.

3. The smooth road of biomass pellets machine towards the development of biomass fuel

In recent years, with the decline of the economic situation, many people are cautious in investment, but how can such caution bring benefits to people? The immediate priority is to choose a flat road and go down. Looking to the future, the biomass pellet machine industry may be a good choice.

Because in the past two years, environmental pollution has shown a downward trend. If people do not have clean air, everything else is nothing.

However, the emergence of biomass pellets machines has alleviated this problem in a timely manner. Whether it is rural straw or waste, such equipment can be used to realize the reuse of resources. Therefore, the investment in biomass pellets machine will also attract more people.

Today, the biomass pellet machine manufacturer will help you analyze the factors that need to be considered before investing.

(1) First of all, the investment in biomass pellets machine equipment is relatively large. This is not a project that can be done with three melons and two dates. The investment in light machines generally requires 10000-100000USD. There are also artificial and raw materials. Therefore, it is necessary to do sufficient research before investing.

Secondly, raw materials must be sufficient and stable supply. The scope of application of raw materials is very wide, all kinds of wood chips, sawdust, scraps, crop straw can be used. But to make money, you still have to choose the type of wood chips.

Objectively speaking, the calorific value of straw is low, and the price of the pellets will be low. A small biomass pellets machine can generally produce about 10 tons of pellets a day. Therefore, before doing this industry, the raw materials must be in place.

(2) Once again, the biomass pellets machine should identify the manufacturer. Even if all the funds, raw materials, etc. are in place, and you only owe the east wind of the biomass pellets machine, you should not choose a family hastily.

Eyesight must be raised. There are hundreds of manufacturers of biomass pellet making machines in China alone. The quality is definitely uneven. If you buy a product like a silver wax tip for home use, you will stop repairing it. I’m sorry, but a lot of tickets flew past your eyes. Richi Machinery has a place in the market with reliable quality and will be your good choice.

There are also considerable profits and high demand for biomass pellets machines. The market demand for biomass pellets is high, and large quantities of goods are common. If you are fully prepared, the future is bright, and if you rely on low carbon and environmental protection alone, the future is bright.

No matter whether you understand it comprehensively or not, I believe that the biomass pellets machine will be a good choice for you. At the same time, I look forward to solving more doubts for you. Let you join the industry faster, bring benefits as soon as possible, but also remind you to understand the market well.

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